Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Watercolor cell collaborative project

The last few days in 8th grade art have been spent working on a watercolor animal/plant cell project. Watercolor techniques are covered in 7th grade so much of the beginning part of this project was just review. Some of the techniques we cover are wet-in-wet, rubbing alcohol and salt, graded wash, scraping, resisting and more.  Showing high contrast in our work was also a major focus since our audience will be viewing these artworks digitally.

Later on this week, students will be posting a photo of their work to an Edmodo group shared with 7th grade science students. 7th grade science students will be using these photos to create Educreations video notes on parts of a plant or animal cell. Can't wait to see the collaboration results!


  1. Interesting! Did you use black glue for some of the line work? Neat idea! We tried some fake cells drawn/scanned and used new brushes in photoshop for color, but I should of worked more closely with the science teacher! BD
    (I found this site looking at the paper mache animal heads--love it!)


  2. Absolutely wonderful. These are GREAT!

  3. These are great! Where did you get the images of cells for the students to look at?

  4. You've inspired me to do this with my middle school students. Our science teacher was very excited when I shared your blog with her.