Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Surrealist Collage Pattern Portraits

For our final work in our portrait unit, we completed a Surrealist-style collage drawing. We had previously spent a lot of time drawing realistic portraits and features so this time around we completely "cheated" with the face part of the work by starting with a magazine portrait (human or animal).

This artwork was of great inspiration for us as well as the Surrealist work of Dali and Kahlo. I used the steps found here to build this lesson from.

We used Crayola markers for the color wash in the background instead of the fancy ones mentioned in the post. Use water brushed over the marker color outline to create a bleeding effect. It's beautiful underneath the patterned overlay. 


  1. Such an awesome project! Your blog was like my bible last year when I was at a middle school! Where do you find so many amazing projects?

  2. From a retired art teacher: wonderful, wonderful, wonderful; I always enjoy looking at your Pins---so creative, and SO open to creativity from your students! Kudos to you (all?)!