Monday, October 5, 2015

Oil Pastel Landscapes

Landscapes are one of our major areas of focus in 7th grade, especially when we take a more abstract approach when creating them. 
After practicing a variety of landscapes (mountain-scape, seascape, desert-scape) we create are own version on black construction paper. The concept of atmospheric perspective is used to help define space without using linear perspective. This quarter, we used both oil pastel and chalk pastel and the results were dramatic. Before the pastel goes on, we outline our landscape drawings with glue to create a fluid and bold outline.

This project was based off a popular method we've used here.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome 7th grade! Zentangle Animals

We are currently wrapping up week two of the new school year. We are almost done completely our first project, Zentangle Animals. We have had a some great experience in class with watercolor techniques as well as creating complex patterns known as Zentangles. This project focused on the Studio Habits of Develop Craft, Envision and Reflect. Beautiful work 7th grade!

Techniques we covered in class:
Graded wash
Wet in wet
Dry brush
Rubbing alcohol

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

STEAM Enviromental Trailer and Infographic Project

As a cumulative project for both science and art class this quarter, 7th grade students made infographics using the online site and app, Canva. Each student was asked to choose a environmental science topic to research and use that information and data to show graphs, facts and illustrations within their infographic.

Canva allows students to create a free account and access a number of free templates to plan their work. We spent some time looking at what makes a strong infographic (such as contrasting font color on the background, organizing layout of information, etc) before actually sitting down with our iPads. We also used some guiding questions/statements to help organize our work. 

Our three essential questions/statements: 
Why should we CARE? 
What can we do to HELP? 
We need to know MORE!

The infographics will tie in to a larger, overall STEAM project of creating an environmental issues trailer iMovie. See more about that here:
Becker Middle School 7th Grade Science Trailer Project