"I can..." statements

4 Strands of MN Visual Arts Standards: 
  • Strand I: Artistic Foundations
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of the art area. 
    • Demonstrate knowledge and use of the technical skills of the art form integrating
      technology when applicable  
    • Demonstrate understanding of the personal, social, cultural, historical contexts that influence the art areas  
  • Strand II: Artistic Process: Create 
    • Create or make in a variety of contexts in the art area using the artistic foundations 
  • Strand III: Artistic Process: Perform/Present  
    • Perform or present in a variety of contexts in the art area using the artistic foundations 
  • Strand IV: Artistic Process: Respond/Critique
    • Respond to and critique a variety of creations and performances using the artistic foundations 
Student-friendly I can statements...

#1: I can identify, demonstrate and respond to the elements and principles in an artwork. 

#2: I can describe the characteristics of different styles of art.

#3: I can demonstrate art techniques and materials in both 2D and 3D artwork.

#4: I can demonstrate the use of artistic tools of various 2D and 3D media. 

#5: I can compare and contrast the connections among artworks including those of MN American Indian Tribes.

#6: I can analyze a variety of art works including their meaning and function. 

#7: I can create a variety of original 2D and 3D artworks.

#8: I can assemble and prepare my artwork for public viewing.

#9: I can revise artwork and/or a presentation based on others feedback or self-reflection.

#10: I can develop an artistic statement including how my audience and the occasion influence my choices.


  1. Your are amazing wonderful projects.. Thanks for sharing..

  2. I just found your blog and I absolutely love your ideas! The vibrancy and moodiness of the art work is amazing. I wish my daughter's junior high art was this fun and educational at the same time. I volunteer at the local elementary school teaching art. Thanks for all the new ideas.

  3. These are great examples of I can statements. I sometime get stuck on how to phrase them. I also found your slides of your expectations useful. Your project are great.