Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally- An Update!

We have been very busy the last two weeks creating art from tissue paper, glue, cardboard, chalk, marker...the list goes on. We used the art of both Picasso and O'Keeffe as inspiration for these projects. Here is a short description of each project:

O'Keeffe tissue paper flowers- Students drew a flower as realistically as possible and then selected a small portion of that drawing to be enlarged on a piece of cardboard. To fill in areas of color, tissue paper was scrunched and secured with watered-down glue on the cardboard. Details were added with small amounts of paper- rolled, twisted, crumbled...whatever worked!  A layer of varnish sealed the project together.

Picasso portraits- After learning about Picasso's many artistic styles and techniques, we drew portraits of people in one of Picasso's later abstract styles. Students then outlined their drawings and filled them in with colored pastel chalk. Very messy but beautiful "spray-paint" like results.

Below are some of our finished projects. Be sure to stop in at school and see the work in person.

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