Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our first two projects: Polish Paper Cuts and Animal Molas

Since the school has an overabundance of plastic overhead transparencies, we decided to use a few in a project. After looking at traditional Polish paper cuts, we created our own by folding and cutting paper- a method very similar to the simple paper snowflakes made by young kids. After the cutout was complete, we glued on a clear transparency and added pattern and color with permanent markers. The result is a cross between stained glass and paper snowflakes.

Our Animal Mola (based on the traditional art from Panama) project began with sketching a simple but large animal shape. This shape was transferred onto both felt and paper and cut out three times. Each piece was cut slightly smaller to create a layered effect and then sewn together to add detail. Cutouts were added to show detail of the animal and add interest.

We are currently working on watercolor nature drawing that mimics the look of an art form called Batik. Batik is a method of using melted wax and dye to create images of depth and richness. Instead of using hot wax and fabric dye our materials are white school glue, white crayon and watercolor paint. The result is very random but striking to look at.

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