Friday, February 25, 2011

A review of 8th grade projects

Better late than never! We made some pretty sweet projects 2nd quarter in 8th grade but I never got them up on the blog.

Below are our Paper Mache Animal Trophies, Pen Doodles and our Ceramic Shoes.

The Animal Trophies were a blast! Each student create their own armature out of newspaper and masking tape (we spent some time looking at this site of amazing paper mache animals . Two layers of paper mache later, we had some funky animal trophies. Our final coat of paper was either sheet music, scrapbook paper or tissue paper. We applied an acrylic glaze on top to seal all the paper layers. 

BMS Shoes- Designers shoes at not-so designer prices!
These shoes were made with red clay and some creativity. Students used their own feet as patterns to create a clay sole first and then used a slab method to build the sides and deatils.

Pen Doodles- Every quarter, as an on-going project, students are expected to create a doodle drawing using the entire amount of ink in one ball-point ink pen. This quarter's results were fantastic!


  1. Are we going to make animal heads? I think that would be cool. :)

  2. Hi there. I came across one of your images of the trophy heads someone pinned on pinterest! I am doing research on a similar project at a high school level. your lesson/images is the first lesson I have seen actually done, usually people opt to make a whole animal but I was also interested in doing animal busts since it is such an ideal way to connect many cultures together and it seems to be a great way to tie old traditions with new design aesthetics. Can you share with me the site your and your class looked at of paper mache animals? Love your classes final work!

  3. We think so much the same. I was just researching paper mache animal heads. I saw this cool one pinned... turns out, it's yours:) Any suggestions as I get going, please let me know. Looks like you used some recycled materials for the base. Love it!


  4. I really enjoy this lesson. I love the idea of using scrap booking paper instead of paint. Excellent finish. I was wondering how you mounted the heads. What did you attach to the back of them to get them to hang? Thank you so much in advanced for your reply.

  5. Also wondering how you hung the animal heads???