Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7th graders- Directions for day ONE

Day One
Advertising Poster Project- Using Pages and Preview
Getting your green screen photos into a Pages document:

1.     Find your green screen photos on the Mrs. Hare’s flickr site. Check the blog for the link.
2.     Click on the photo to see a larger version of it.
3.     Apple-Shift-3 to take a screen shot of your photo.
4.     Find it on the desktop. Double click to open it. It will open in Preview.
5.     Crop the photo using cursor to select what you want. Then Tools- Crop to remove the excess photo.
6.     In the tool bar, choose Select then Instant Alpha to select and remove the green screen.
7.     Once you have all the excess background removed, choose Edit, Select All, Edit Copy.
8.     Next, open Pages (search under the magnifying glass). Choose page layout- blank document.
9.     Choose View, Zoom, Zoom Out until you see the whole page.
10.  Now Edit, Paste your photo in the document.
11. Repeat these steps for all green screen photos you want to use.
12. If your photos don’t move around well, choose Inspector, Wrap and Floating

Getting your book cover into your Pages document:

1.    Search Google for your book
2.    Choose the Images tab
3.    Choose large images under Size tab
4.    Click the image you want to use
5.    Right click to copy the image
6.    Go to your Pages document and paste in
7.    If the book image goes in front of your green screen photos then choose Arrange, Send to Back
8.    SAVE- name it your group members first names, save on the desktop

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