Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Block 3- Your Edmodo response

Artist Playing Cards – Response Using Edmodo

Grammar Requirements
1.     Complete Sentences; including capitalization and punctuation
2.     No text talk; spell out all words

Format Requirements
1.     Begin with the first name and initial of the last name of the student along with the school they are from
2.     Describe three things you think the student would like to do based on the word they chose to put on their card.
3.     Ask one question about how the student constructed the card.
Options: materials used/decisions about order of images/ size of objects
4.     Comment on the general impression you have of this student based on their card
a.    What kind of person do you think they are?
b.    Comment on one part of the design they used to create a positive critique.

Jessica E. from Annandale,
            Today I got the card you made; I like what you created. Based on the word “journey” I think you might like to go on vacations. Journey might mean you have had some tough things in life, and your journey has been interesting. The word might also mean that you are looking forward to taking a journey sometime soon. Which material did you liked to work with most since you have both paint and pictures cut out of a magazine?
            You seem to like things neat and tidy since many of your lines are clean and straight, you also have a lot of balance on your card and things are equally spaced. Well done. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Weisman in March.

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