Monday, March 5, 2012

Part of Me, Part of You...ATC trade with RMS

We have been involved with lots of art collaborations in the last few weeks and this one with Rogers Middle School has topped the list! Too much fun as you'll see by some of our photos...

Here is how the lesson went:
7th graders were instructed to create a 1/2 portrait on a white ATC. We used only Sharpie but worked on adding a shadow with hatching, cross-hatching or stippling. Students also chose an emotion or feeling from a list as well as a "type" of person (cowboy, athlete, etc) to draw. Many came up with their own idea but having a list to choose from sparked an idea in those kids who needed a little push.
Here's the link to the original post: RMS Collaboration

Once the cards were done, we mailed them off to Rogers and received a huge pile of them back! Wow! RMS students are productive! :)

The plan was to take photos with the cards we received from Rogers- we wanted to "fill in" the rest of the face. After trying a variety of ways to take our photos (iPhone, iPod, regular digital camera) we went with Photo Booth on Mrs. Hare's school laptop. Mrs. Hahn at Rogers did this and it worked great for her.

Getting the photos to line up was tricking and sometimes our depth perception was a little off. But all in all, the collaboration was fun and we ended up with some great photos of kids interacting with art in a whole new way...

Check out Mrs. Hahn's great art education blog here: Mini Matisse

Here are a few of our Part of Me, Part of You artworks: