Thursday, April 10, 2014

Student Directed Rubrics

Below is the rubric template most commonly used in middle school art. Students are asked to fill in the criteria for section #1 and #2 as this changes with every project depending on our objectives for that unit. Usually, a completed rubric is projected and students are asked to write the ELO (essential learner outcomes) in themselves. Self- assessment is done after the project is finished and the rubric is handed in with along with the artwork.

This year, 8th graders had the opportunity to complete their self-assessment on their iPads using the form digitally (seen below). By downloading the form through Edmodo and editing it with Neu Annontate, we could paste a photo of our work right onto the rubric as well as type our thoughts on what went well for us and what could of been better. We turn in the completed digital rubrics using Edmodo as well.

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