Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Infographics in art class!

As a cumulative project for both science and art class this quarter, 7th grade students made infographics using the online creator, Piktochart. Each student was asked to choose a environmental science topic to research and use that information and data to show graphs, facts and illustrations within their infographic.

Piktochart.com allows students to create a free account and access a number of free templates to plan their work. We spent some time looking at what makes a strong infographic (such as contrasting font color on the background, layering images to create depth, etc) before actually sitting down at the computer. We also used some guiding questions/statements to help organize our work. 

Our three essential questions/statements: 
Why should we CARE? 
What can we do to HELP? 
We need to know MORE!

After we finished our work, we saved the infographics as jpeg files and turned them in through Edmodo.

Students examples:

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