Friday, September 12, 2014

Multimedia Still Life Drawings

Our second project in 8th grade art (after our Op Art drawings) was a still life multimedia work. Since it's always difficult to get 30+ kids around one small still life, I use my Ladibug camera to project the image on a screen. Using the camera also allows me to take a photo and post it into Edmodo so the students can view it and work on the project at home. 

We spent some time practicing observational drawing together first and then worked independantly to create our own works. Finished projects are shown below. 

Using the camera to project the still life objects...

This is how our still life appeared on Edmodo.

Adding the marker technique to our still life.

Using Crayola Stick Stixs to blend and show value. 

Torn magazine pages filled in our collage area. 

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