Friday, October 24, 2014

Picasso Portraits (tooling foil edition)

Picasso Portraits are an 8th grade lesson we've done a number of times here at BMS. We start with practicing realistic portraits by looking at facial proportions and do a couple of "draw together" activities. Typically, I will draw and project on my Ladibug doc cam and students will follow along with me.  I also show a number of YouTube demo videos on specific parts like eyes and noses. One of my favorites for a realistic eye=>>>>

After we feel comfortable with drawing a realistic face,  we move on to creating a portrait done in the Cubist style. I spend lots of time emphasizing the fact that a Cubist work shows multiple views in one artwork.  Again, we practice together before we start the final work.

This quarter, the project was created on metal tooling foil. We drew a final copy and then that image was embossed on the foil using a ball-point pen. Color Sharpies were used to show emphasis, pattern, gradation of color as well as texture though the embossing of the metal.

Students were also asked to mount the foil on a piece of distressed cardboard for display. We made small wooden stands from scraps from the tech department.

A twist on an old favorite!

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