Tuesday, May 19, 2015

STEAM Enviromental Trailer and Infographic Project

As a cumulative project for both science and art class this quarter, 7th grade students made infographics using the online site and app, Canva. Each student was asked to choose a environmental science topic to research and use that information and data to show graphs, facts and illustrations within their infographic.

Canva allows students to create a free account and access a number of free templates to plan their work. We spent some time looking at what makes a strong infographic (such as contrasting font color on the background, organizing layout of information, etc) before actually sitting down with our iPads. We also used some guiding questions/statements to help organize our work. 

Our three essential questions/statements: 
Why should we CARE? 
What can we do to HELP? 
We need to know MORE!

The infographics will tie in to a larger, overall STEAM project of creating an environmental issues trailer iMovie. See more about that here:
Becker Middle School 7th Grade Science Trailer Project

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